Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Open Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe (or God or Karma or whatever you believe is out there unseen, yet appears to be all up in your business),

You can stop now.

This whole thing where our bodies rebel against us? Yeah, it's gotten old. Just saying you might want to think about trying something new and different. Like us getting an unmarked box full of $100 bills in the mail. Or waking up and discovering that we can now play the guitar. Or that a lemon tree has mysteriously sprouted in our backyard. Those are good suprises.

David with life-threatening anemia. Beth with a rotting kidney. Dan and the cancer. All in eight months. Not good surprises! Bad surprises, actually.

So, find someone else to pick on. Cause we are totally broken up now.

(Call me!)


The Margulies Family


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