Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trained in a slaughterhouse.

Had my CAT scan done yesterday. This is a 3-dimensional X-ray machine that produces images of the internal structures of your body as if you were baloney-sliced in cross-sections. On the whole, a much less unpleasant exercise then the PET scan. Except they shot me up with an iodine solution to improve the contrast, and it took 3 tries before the technician could properly insert the IV. Ouch. I'll post some pictures soon.

Beth has identified 3 of the glucose-absorbing structures in the PET scan below (brain, heart, bladder) let me add a 4th. The small black spot on my back is a lipoma, a benign lump of fat cells. Except that ever since seeing these scans it itches like crazy.


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