Tuesday, August 22, 2006

He's starting to glow from all the radiation

Another week, more tests. Today Dan is having a bone scan done at Doctor's Hospital. The same hospital where they yanked out my kidney. The same hospital where they yanked out the lymph node that started this whole cancer thing. We keep showing up there at our current pace, the registrar is going to start keeping our file on his desktop.

Dan just called to say that the scan was complete and he was waiting on pictures to be developed. The technician's off-the-record comment was he didn't see anything unusual in the scan.

Dan went in at 9 a.m. for an injection of some radioactive stuff, then went back at noon for the scan. The lag allowed the stuff to makes its way into his skeletal system. He'll add more on the process when he posts pics.

This Thursday is our first big post-diagnosis pow-wow with the oncologist. The festivities will probably kick off with a bone marrow biopses for Dan (big needle, hip, a leather strap to bite down on), followed by a discussion on what Dan's chemo will be.

Dan will need to have a portacath installed surgically before chemo begins, which means another trip to Doctor's Hospital next week. (No, Dan doesn't have testicular cancer. I just liked the manly language and cartoon illustration used to describe the portacath on this site.)


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