Friday, August 18, 2006

Not even qualified to play one on television

Had a follow up call from Dr. T today regarding my preliminary scan results. It turns out I can kiss my career as an amateur radiologist good-bye. Remember those PET scans that yielded all those neato-keen images? You know that dark blob in my pelvis? That's not my bladder.

That's my cancer.

It's a whole bunch of malignant lymph nodes. Which didn't surprise Dr. T that much, since that's where the original biopses was done and where the malignancy first manifested.

However, it surprised the hell out of me. I'm pretty freaked out.

Since it's what Dr. T suspected, the course of treatment he initially recommend is still basically the same. Maybe a little more intense.

I really don't want to say much more now. I have the same feeling now that I did when the surgeon first told me about the diagnosis of cancer. This weird, stomach-dropping-out-of-my-body feeling.


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