Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More confused than ever

Last time we checked in with our plucky hero he was patiently awaiting the results of last weeks lump-fishing expedition. As you may recall, the purpose of this biopsy was to determine the nature of the mystery lump on my back. If the lump was benign, it would mean that there was just the lymphoma to deal with, and the oncologists wanted to start me on Rituxan, a new form of targeted therapy for non-Hodgkins lymphoma patients, one with relatively few side-effects. If the lump was malignant, it would mean I had TWO types of cancer, and a more conventional chemotherapy would be called for.

So what was the result of the biopsy? Well, it was malignant....but it was actually another malignant lymph node. Of course most human beings don't have lymph nodes on their lower backs. So it turns out Dr. T. wasn't joking when he called me "interesting."

Now what does this mean for my treatment? I have no clue, and I'm hoping to hear back from Dr. T., the oncologist, to help straighten me out.

One thing I do know, though -- I've had that lump on my back for at least 4 years. So if you needed proof that I really do have lazy, slacker cancer there it is. Four years and I never knew.


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