Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Holes on both sides of him

A quick post to let folks know that Dan successfully had his second biopsies and portacath installed yesterday at Doctor's Hospital. An unwieldly gall bladder in the patient scheduled before us delayed the procedures by almost three hours, but Dan came through fine. He's feeling this round of surgery more than the initial lymph node removal, but that could be caused by several factors -- location of the incisions, how deep or shallow they cut, the fact that he had two procedures done at the same time.

And once again, it took multiple tries to get his IV in. Dan's got great veins, but they seem to thwart every nurse's attempt to invade them. Guess we should be glad they'll do chemo via the portacath rather than IV. (Which begs the question: do heroin users ever get portacaths installed? It would make sense that there's a black-market portacath installation service. They gave Dan a little portacath accoutrement kit, which I threatened to make him carry around in a black leather fanny pak, a la heroin addicts.)

Biopsies results should be complete by the end of the week, first part of next. The best outcome would be that the lipoma removed yesterday for biopsies is not malignant. These results will determine the type and frequency of chemo.


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