Friday, August 04, 2006

Together, we're Ogged

Since the fifth Rule for Cancer apparently is "set up a cancer blog," here we are.

To recap, Dan had minor surgery to remove a swollen lymph node two weeks ago. All preliminary indications were that it was a simple infection that has been trapped in accordance with standard system operating instructions. The biopsies that the lymph node was malignant surprised everyone, from the surgeon to us.

Dan got a referral from our primary care doctor, and we have our first consult with the oncologist tomorrow.

At this point, we don't know a lot, including the details of Dan's diagnosis and what happens next.

Dan feels fine, and I'm making bad jokes. The kids just want to know why they can't have pudding for every meal.

[If you don't read Unfogged, you probably don't get why Dan+Beth=Ogged, one of Unfogged's original writers. Ogged recently bowed out of posting on Unfogged because he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which resulted in a nephrectomy. Dan's got the cancer, I got the nephrectomy -- hence, our tenuous connection with Internet genius.]


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